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17 May 2024

NUNCATS prototype  enters final test phase 

After a year of testing and upgrades,  G-CLRR is now flying with an electric power unit very similar to what will be launched to users and customers in the summer.  This phase of testing will provide data for the ongoing planning of field trials with the second aircraft,  now under construction at Norwich International.   Test data is also feeding into the national approvals process underway with the Light Aircraft Association in the UK and other regulators internationally.

12 September 2023

Revolutionizing Aviation: Nuncats’ Electric Sky Jeep Pioneers Sustainable Flight for Developing Region

At AeroExpo 2023, The Flying Reporter spoke with Tim Bridge from Nuncats to uncover the remarkable journey of the Electric Sky Jeep, a groundbreaking transformation of their renowned aircraft. With a passion for providing low-cost, sustainable, and resilient aviation solutions, Nuncats has set its sights on making a difference in the developing world. Through innovative technology and strategic partnerships, they aim to empower communities while ushering in a new era of environmentally conscious flying.

22 January 2023

First Flight of the NUNCATS electric sky jeep

The ‘electric sky jeep’, based on a Zenith CH750, has been under construction for the past three years but on Friday, January 20, successfully took to the air at Old Buckenham Airfield, in south Norfolk.

The test flight is a significant step forward for the project and means any tweaks can now be made to speed up the production process, step up the trials and eventually see the plane take to the skies in life saving missions.

A flying start for Norwich students

This summer students at the Norwich International Aviation Academy (IAA) will get the chance to build the first ever British electric light aircraft.

Press Release
17 February 2022

NUNCATS Founder appointed as Aviation Ambassador for the DfT

The DfT’s 12 newly appointed Aviation Ambassadors are dedicated to promoting skills, diversity and inclusion in the aviation sector.

14 December 2021

Pilot Interview with: Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary


Pilot Magazine
7 October 2021

Old Buckenham Airfield has the UK’s first electric aircraft charging point; Europe’s first powered by Solar

Press Release
13 September 2021

Norfolk firm NUNCATS to bring electric flight to Africa

East Anglia Bylines
18 July 2021