About Us

NUNCATS was founded (officially) in July 2019, but the concept was first seeded when the founders were a pair of bright young things at university. While the problem of rural access and infrastructure (or lack thereof) was already well understood, the climate emergency hadn't quite made its mark and the technology was still in its infancy to make our solution a reality.  Fast forward 15 years, the time was right and NUNCATS was formally incorporated as a non-profit, social enterprise.  

Meet the Team

Tim Bridge

Founder & Technical Director

I'm the resident, full-time technical guru at NUNCATS and am most likely to be found designing and building something, and have been doing so since I was a tot.  It all started innocently enough with an Airfix kit, which sparked an eclectic and varied career with one thing in common - engineering. 

My working life started out with a stint at CrossAir in Basel, working on jet engines and from there went on to roles in the Oil & Gas industry, Renewable Energy sector and Research & Development.

I've had the privilege to live and work in over 35 countries which, from a young age, exposed me to the vast inequality that exists in the world. Meanwhile, a degree in Meteorology & Oceanography brought into stark focus the impact we humans have had on our planet. What we can do, we must do, so that's what I'm doing. 

Helen Bridge


I'm the master of all the non-technical roles that NUNCATS requires. Be that strategising, fundraising, proof-reading, ordering merchandise or making the tea and supplying the biscuits. 

And because I'm clearly not busy enough with all that, by day I'm a Corporate Social Responsibility Manager for a global financial services organisation, as well as a Trustee for an international children's charity, supporting young people displaced by poverty, violence and abuse across the world. 

I have a degree in International Development, Spanish, and Arabic. I bring 15 years of private sector experience in strategic programme delivery, corporate partnerships, and expertise in implementing impact-led resilience programmes. 

I grew up in Central America, where I saw first hand how peoples lives are impacted by the fragility of basic infrastructure, where roads are washed away during the rainy season, cut off by rockfalls or where access is at the discretion of roving bandits. And don't get me started on the climate crisis... 

What's in a name

What does NUNCATS mean?  We get asked this all the time.

It is in part a design philosophy and part description of what we're doing.  If you remember one thing about our name, make it the first half: N - U - N.  

No Unnecessary Novelty

It is our guiding principle and drives us to create the simplest possible solutions to solve the problems, because keeping things simple and reliable also keeps things affordable.  

The second half is a little more ambiguous, and has a habit of slightly changing every time we tell the story! But in principle, C - A - T - S stands for:

Community Air Transport Services 

or possibly Community Alternative Transport Solutions, or Clean Air Transport Solutions...